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The foundation bloodstock refers to animals that are the predecessors or foundation of a breed or of a given bloodline. Our French Bulldogs can be traced to a specific named foundation and can be linked to a deliberate and specific selective breeding program.

In every successful breeding kennel there are Stud dogs. 

At Frenchies by LSM our stud dogs have pedigrees of multi-generational Champions.

At Frenchies by LSM the foundation of our breeding program is consequential and robust. Complete with nurtured, loved and healthy dogs that represent the French Bulldog breed.

  • Each of our dogs have been thoroughly health-tested.

  • All of our stud dogs are bred only to approved females.

  • Frozen semen is available from each of our males

At Frenchies by LSM our French Bull dogs continue to produce and we strive to continue our reputation of longevity. 

Pedigrees Upon Request

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