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Lisa and Tony Spohn of Liston's, in Summerfield, FL., Elsie Copeland of Sum Fun Frenchie's, in Ocala, FL.

and Dale Mihalko of Meridian Bull, in St. Petersburg, FL.

We are experienced breeders' and owners.

We are family owned and operated and our mission is to share our love for French bulldogs with other devoted families.

We love raising puppies and matching them with their forever home, whether

they are family pets or the intention is to raise a quality show dog.

Our commitment is to ensure our dogs find their way to a home that is hands-on, nurturing, loving, and full of affection.

Our philosophy is genuinely rooted in our core values; put the puppies care and wellbeing first.

As breeders, our happiest times are when there are puppies about.

Each one is special, unique, engaging and full of personality.

At FrenchiesbyLSM most of our French bulldogs are destined for the show ring

while others find their way to a loving home.

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